No more kissing roles in movies – Bibi Bright

Story: Nana AKUA AM

Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright has said she won’t accept kissing roles in movies again.

Speaking in an interview with  Hitz FM Bibi stated that she’s not ready to play some roles she accepted in the past.

She explained that she is now a Christian, a mother and a wife, adding that she’s on a new path.

“If you’d ask me for a role and it’d involve kissing, I’m not going to take it. It’s not just because I’m a Christian; I’m a mother, a wife and I feel I’m on a different path,” she said.

According to her, she played some roles in the past to prove her versatility.

“Back in the day when I had just gotten into the industry, when I was trying to find my feet, I was trying to let them know I’m versatile actress. It comes with growth.

“Back in the day when we were kids, we used to bath in the rain, but as time goes on, nobody will tell you to do so in the bathroom. We are growing, things are changing,” she further stated.

While she’s not ready to judge those who play such roles, Bibi stressed that they will change when they grow

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