Leaked audio: NIB arrests  Bugri Naabu’s aide, receptionist

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Former Northern Regional Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Bugri Naabu says his personal aide and receptionist have been picked up by the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) for questioning.

He said they were picked up on Thursday morning while they were on their way to the office.

Bugri Naabu disclosed this in an interview with Oyerapa TV today, July 20, 2023.

Although he said he had no idea why the duo were picked up, he said it could be linked to the leaked audio of the supposed orchestration to kick out the current Inspector of Police to help the governing NPP to rig the 2024 polls.

“My personal aide, SK, and my receptionist also called Akua left in the morning that they were going to the office. I came to the office and I couldn’t find them. I started calling them because I got scared but to no avail. I’ve just been informed that they are both at the NIB office at Kawukudi junction. They were picked up while they were on their way to the office. I was told they came with a white car and pushed them into the car and whisked them away.”

“I’m appealing to you [the media] and calling some lawyers to get this resolved. I don’t know why they were picked up. The whole of this week, the tape issue came up, but I’ve not spoken about it. I don’t want trouble.”

“Some people are saying that it has a connection with the tape.”

The leaked audio which has gone viral contained an alleged conversation between Bugri Naabu and a Police Commissioner called COP Mensah.

The audio uncovered a plot to oust the IGP, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare in order to facilitate electoral rigging in the upcoming general elections.

The Police Commissioner in the audio alleges that the IGP will not allow the NPP to manipulate the 2024 elections, thus urging the President to remove him.

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