Free SHS: Food Suppliers to picket at Buffer Stock today over unpaid arrears

Members of the National Food Suppliers Association are expected to picket at the premises of the National Food Buffer Stock Company on Tuesday, June 13.

The Association says the picketing is due to the government’s failure to settle the over 2 year’s arrears owed its members.

The group had issued a 14-ultimatum   to the National Food Buffer Stock Company demanding payment of their arrears or face a series of picketing.

A spokesperson for the National Food Suppliers Association, Kwaku Amedume told journalists  that members of the group will not be moved any longer by empty promises by the government.

“It is not going to be only Tuesday, we are going to be there for the rest of the week till our monies are paid. Government owes us a little less than GH¢200 million. None has been paid as we speak and because of that, we are not working through the Buffer Stock any more. We are working through the Commodity Exchange and so Buffer Stock no longer handles supply contact any more but our arrears of 2021/2022 is what we are demanding.”

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