Death toll hits  over 1,000 in Israel and Gaza following Hamas attack

Source: BBC

The death toll in Israel will continue to rise as a large number of people have been critically wounded, the Israeli military said.

Jonathan Conricus, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), said in a video late on Sunday that it is “by far the worst day in Israeli history”. Here’s more on what he said:

  • “Never before have so many Israelis been killed by one single thing, let alone enemy activity on one day,” he said
  • He compared the scale of the destruction from Hamas’ attack to “a 9/11 and a Pearl Harbour wrapped into one”
  • The IDF says it has dealt a “fatal blow” to Hamas capabilities as airstrikes on Gaza continued overnight into Monday
  • The military has rounded up some 110,000 reserve troops who are currently in southern Israel in preparation for further combat.

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