Yul Edochie celebrates father amid controversy

Source: pmnewsnigeria.com

Yul Edochie has extolled his father in what appears to be a conciliatory gesture towards his father, the renowned veteran actor Pete Edochie.

The move comes following a recent controversy surrounding Yul’s second marriage, which his father claimed to be unaware of.

Yul, known for his roles in popular Nigerian movies, shared a heartfelt video and photo on his Instagram page that seems to be aimed at bridging the gap between him and his father.

While Yul did not explicitly apologize, his words were laced with affection and admiration for his father, suggesting an attempt at reconciliation.

The controversy emerged when Pete publicly expressed surprise and, in his characteristic style of using Igbo proverbs, addressed his feelings about Yul‘s undisclosed second marriage to his colleague, Judy Austin.

Pete’s statements were interpreted by many as a sign of disapproval or lack of awareness regarding his son’s marital choices.

In an intriguing twist, Yul’s recent Instagram post appears to be a step towards mending fences with his father.

While not directly addressing the marriage issue, he praised his father using endearing terms such as “The Lion of Africa” and “Ebubedike,” which means “The Fearless Warrior” in Igbo.

The post expressed well-wishes and blessings for his father’s health and longevity, hinting at an underlying sentiment of remorse.

“THE LION OF AFRICA! EBUBEDIKE. A LIVING LEGEND. THE GREATEST. THE MOST HANDSOME 76YR OLD MAN ALIVE. CHIEF PETE EDOCHIE @peteedochie. Long life, good health and unending blessings, I pray for you Dad. My man for life.”, Yul captioned his post.

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