You can’t  observe  votes transfer exercise – EC to political parties agents

Story: News Desk 

The Electoral Commission (EC) has issued a directive to its Regional Directors, instructing them to inform District Directors that agents of political parties will not be allowed to observe the ongoing transfer of votes. 

This directive is set to take effect on Monday, June 3.

In a memo, the EC explained that this decision comes in response to several clashes that have occurred at its district offices.

The Commission aims to prevent further disturbances and ensure a smooth vote transfer process.

The EC emphasised that while party agents will not be permitted to observe the process, the Commission is still committed to transparency. 

They will provide copies of the transferred vote list to political parties and candidates upon request.

According to the EC, the move is intended to balance the need for order and security at district offices with the requirement to keep political parties informed about the transfer of votes, thus maintaining the integrity of the electoral process.

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