& her connection to the GN lawsuit dismissed in America?

By: Our Team of Researchers

Today, we breach the conventional way of reportage; and it’s for a purpose. The Today Newspaper believes this is one story that has caught global attention and for people to understand the real issues involved; we adopted a special questions and answers approach for every interested party, including even passive observers to understand the intentions and interests of parties that went on that destructive, but futile adventure to ruin one of Ghana’s most distinguished entrepreneurs of our time. Please read on.

On November 23, 2021, USA District Judge Thomas M. Durkin dismissed in its entirety a lawsuit filed against Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, his wife and children, directors and management members of one of his American companies. 

The complaint was filed by Birim Group, a California Limited Liability Company whose sole member is a Ghanaian born lawyer, Kwasi Asiedu. The dismissal was so definitive as to stop other copycat lawsuits.

The basis for the complaint or lawsuit is the acquisition of a claim made by one Mavis Amanpene-Sekyere and another about an alleged inability by one Groupe Nduom company to honour her request for the redemption of an investment she made with the company.

The lawsuit filed in the USA alleged money laundering and fraud citing $63 million dollars supposedly, transferred illegally to the USA. The lawsuit got the attention of the Bank of Ghana Governor Ernest Addison who called it a “vindication”. 

So damaging were these allegations that Groupe Nduom and its companies have suffered huge and unprecedented financial losses and unimaginable damages to their credibility the world over.  

Many people have wondered who the people are behind the lawsuit and what their real intentions were. They have wondered, if Mavis Amanpene-Sekyere knew all along what the Birim Group was going to do with the investment that was “acquired”. 

Others have wondered if the Birim Group paid her for the investment that they alleged to have acquired.  The Today newspaper has done some research and brings to the public some answers to questions raised by the reading public. We begin with Mavis Amanpene-Sekyere. 

Q1: Who is Mavis Amanpene-Sekyere?

Ans: 1. She is a member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA),UK

2.Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG).

3. Holds a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree from Cambridge University, UK

4.First Class Honours in political Science, UG

5. certificate from China European International Business School(CEIBS).

Employment History

1.Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Callens Solutions Ltd

2. Over 15 years in public Accounting with Ernst and Young Chartered Accountants, Ghana

3.Brief period with Centre for Democratic Development,  Ghana (CDD-Ghana)

4.Royal Mall, UK

5.Albertsons, USA

Membership (Professional Bodies)

1.Member, Chartered Inst. of Taxation Ghana(CIT)

2. Member, Association Women Accountants, Ghana.

*Mother of two

Q2. Why is she linked to the Birim Group LLC, USA?

ANS: Birim Group LLC is an equity fund and securities investment company based in the USA.

2. It claims on Dec. 27, 2019, it paid  for the claims of two Ghanaian citizens, Mavis Amanpene-Sekyere and Nana Kwame Twum Barima with Gold Coast Fund Management (GCFM) and GN bank respectively. 

3. Birim Group on Nov 17, 2020 filed a suit against Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, Groupe Nduom and others using the amounts claimed by Mavis Amanpene-Sekyere.

4.Attorneys of Birim Group LLC

Name of Law Firm: Schwartz & Asiedu, California, USA

Names of Attorneys: Kwasi Abraham Adjapong Asiedu and Shelly Deidre Mcmillan

NOTE:  Assignor’s (Mavis Amanpene-Sekyere) alleged investment with GCFM

1. On Nov 23, 2017, Assignor claimed she opened an account with GCFM at the Sakumono Branch and deposited an amount of GHC100,000. 

2. Following the initial deposit, and within 30 days Assignor claimed she made a second deposit of GHC100,000, and another GHC100,000 for a total of GHC300,000

3. Our investigations show Mavis Amanpene-Sekyere filed claims of GHC 134,000 at SEC after GCFM licence was revoked.

4.Our further checks show that GH74,000 was validated.

5.So we ask, did SEC pay her the money?

2nd Assignor (Nana Kwame Twum Barima)

1.In or around Dec. 2016, Assignor claimed he opened an account with GN-Gh at its Akim Oda branch and ordered that his monthly salary should be deposited into the account.

Q3: What role is the Bank of Ghana playing in a law suit in the USA

ANS: our further investigations show that the Birim Group (Plaintiff) has in its possession a confidential BOG’s report.

2. How did they allegedly get it?

3.Is someone from the BoG involved in this?

4.Who is the link between the BoG, MoF and the Birim Group?

Q4. Why is the Receiver (Eric Nana Nipah) paying a law firm (Reed Smith Law Firm) in the USA?

ANS. The receiver too has been sued by the Birim Group LLC.

2. The name of the Receiver’s Attorney is Peter Ellis and our investigations indicate that he normally charges about $500 per hour for his service.

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