We’ve still not found escaped Chinese convict – Prisons Service

Story: News Desk 

The Ghana Prisons Service says it is actively pursuing the Chinese convict who absconded from custody after deceiving two prison officers with a KFC meal and soft drinks.

CCTV footage showed that the prison officers accompanied the Chinese inmate to a hotel in Korle-Gonno, Accra, where he purportedly met his wife in a room.

Subsequently, the convict and his spouse allegedly fled through the balcony of the room while the officers waited in the hotel reception area.

Joseph Oteng and Sergeant Isaac Boateng Bonsu have been formally charged with conspiracy and aiding escape in connection with the incident.

Abdul Latif Adamu, the Head of Public Relations at the Ghana Prison Service, affirmed the institution’s commitment to recapturing the escaped convict.

“Our search party is still on the field. We have gotten a lot of intelligence information leading to where the convict can be gotten. So I can tell you that the search party is still not resting.

“We have had a lot of intelligence information we are working with and hopefully by the time we finish putting those intelligence information into action we hope to bring him back to custody.”

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