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Story: Yaw Takyi

National Peace Council (NPC) has denied reports that it has reneged on its duties.

The Council said accusations that it is only heard during elections are false. 

Chairman of the Council Reverend Ernest Adu Gyamfi said the Council currently has over 200 cases before it. 

“Consistently we are being told that the Peace Council is asleep, they only talk when there are elections. Let me draw the attention of the public to the fact that, currently, there are 292 cases on the lap of the Peace Council across this country. Out of that, 112 are chieftaincy issues. The Council is not a paid job, there is nobody on the Council who is being paid a salary. They are eminent members who have sacrificed to serve their country,” Reverend Ernest Adu Gyamfi explained.

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and other political parties have on several occasions slammed the Peace Council for being quiet on issues they were expected to have given some advice on or kicked against.

Some functions of the National Peace Council include harmonising and co-ordinating conflict prevention, management, resolution and building sustainable peace through networking and coordination.

It is also responsible for strengthening capacities for conflict prevention, management, resolution and sustainable peace in the country including but not limited to chiefs, women, youth groups and community organizations.

The Council also helps to increase awareness of the use of non-violent strategies to prevent, manage and resolve conflict and build sustainable peace in the country.

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