We’re in control of Anthrax– Ghana Veterinary Service assures

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Over 150,000 livestock have been vaccinated in the Upper East Region following the outbreak of anthrax in the region.

The outbreak of the disease necessitated a ban on the movement of ruminants such as goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, and dogs from the eastern corridor of the Upper East Region.

Speaking to the media , the Risk Communications Manager at the Ghana Veterinary Service, Dr. Benjamin Kissi Sasu, said the situation had been brought under control.

“A total of 1,243,000 animals have been vaccinated in the Upper East Region. So far, so good. Looking at the data and the participation of the community, the various districts have now cooperated, and we have had a good number of animal vaccinations ongoing. Currently, we are not seeing any signs [of anthrax], and we hope it will keep up. So yes, we have been able to contain it in that way,” Dr. Benjamin Kissi Sasu assured.

In a press release, the Regional Health Directorate, on June 1, 2023, announced that it received notification of two suspected cases of anthrax with one death in Binduri District following the consumption of dead cattle.

In all, four cattle died in the affected community. Eleven suspected cases were identified, and contact tracing started in the affected community.

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