We’re happy with IPAC meetings-NDC

Story: Yaw Takyi

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has reported that the atmosphere at Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meetings has become more amicable.

Earlier this year, in January, the party reversed its decision to abstain from IPAC meetings.

IPAC meetings serve as a platform for various political parties to review election-related activities and policies, formally voice their grievances, and contribute constructively.

In 2021, NDC leadership boycotted IPAC meetings, citing a “lack of candour, odious duplicity, and open bias” displayed by the Jean Mensah-led Electoral Commission (EC) in favor of the New Patriotic Party during the 2020 general elections.

However, this year in January, the decision was rescinded following “enhanced consensus-building.”

In an  interview with the media, the NDC’s Deputy Director of Elections and IT, Dr. Rashid Tanko-Computer, revealed that IPAC meetings were  now very welcoming and pleasant.

He observed that the EC had undergone a change and was now interacting very well at those meetings.

“It was very cordial. Don’t forget this year happens to be the third IPAC meeting that we attended. The first IPAC meeting was on 22nd February 2024. The second was on 29th February, and 7th March. So it’s been cordial since we returned to IPAC.”

“…It appears they have changed…It is not very cordial, very lovely. Not acrimonious. It is like the IPAC we used to know. That is consensus-building,” he stated.

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