Wendy Shay explains ‘Heat’ single ‘

Story: Nana Akua AMPONG

Many people have praised Wendy Shay on her new single ‘Heat’.

The song, since its introduction, has seen a lot of people jamming to it wherever it is played.

The song featured fan- base group Shay Gang and has an element of drill in it, making it more of Kumerican.

Though many people have praised the sensational singer on her new release, a few have criticised the song, tagging it as a political song.

Many people think the song was inspired by the current poor state of the country and is to criticize the current government on how poor it has performed since the 2020 election.

As a result, they have called on the government to ban the song.

In an interview with Tony Best on Kwantenpon Drive on Friday, October 15, the songwriter and singer said her song ‘Heat’ is not a political song.

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