We’ll extradite former MASLOC CEO to Ghana to serve jail term – Deputy AG 

Story: News Desk 

Deputy Attorney General Alfred Tuah-Yeboah has disclosed that the government is working hard to ensure that the former MASLOC CEO, Sedina Tamakloe Attionu, is extradited to Ghana to serve her 10-year jail term.

The High Court on Tuesday, April 16, 2024  sentenced Sedina Tamakloe to 10 years in prison with hard labour. Additionally, the court sentenced Daniel Axim, the former Chief Operating Officer of MASLOC, to a five-year jail term.

Following the verdict, Deputy Attorney General Tuah-Yeboah commended the decision, particularly highlighting the assurance that Tamakloe will be brought back to the country to serve her sentence.

“Good news but what is refreshing is that she will be brought down to face the sentence, no problem at all,” he stated.

Tuah-Yeboah elaborated on the implications of the judgment, emphasizing its role in expediting justice. He reiterated Ghana’s legal framework for extraditing individuals from abroad to face legal consequences domestically.

“We have started the process but with this judgment, it’s going to speed up the process. You know in Ghana we have various laws. You can choose to stay away but so far as we have laws for which you can extract from other countries to Ghana, in case there is a judgment against you like this one, be rest assured that she will be brought down to face judgment,” he stated.

The court found both Tamakloe and Axim guilty on 78 counts for causing financial loss to the state, theft, conspiracy to steal, money laundering, and violating public procurement laws, resulting in loss to public property.

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