We didn’t receive any bribe from Nyantakyi-Anas 

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Private investigation firm, Tiger Eye P.I, and investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, have categorically denied any involvement in soliciting or accepting bribes from Kwesi Nyantakyi before the publication of the Number 12 documentary.

Former Ghana Football Association president alleged that he paid $100,000 to Anas Aremeyaw Anas, in an attempt to kill the release of the exposé. 

According to Nyantakyi, Anas demanded an amount of $150,000 through his lawyers, to kill the story, but he could only come up with $100,000.

However, Tiger PI and Anas, in a statement released on Tuesday, April 2,  2024, denied the allegations, branding the ex-football administrator as naive. 

“Tiger Eye P.I. and Anas Aremeyaw Anas categorically deny any involvement in soliciting or accepting bribes from Kwesi Nyantakyi before the publication of the documentary.

“The core mission of Tiger Eye and Anas is to expose and confront corruption, making the notion of shielding corrupt individuals utterly preposterous given the extensive resources and efforts invested in producing such exposés,” they wrote in a statement. 

“Mr Nyantakyi’s assumption that such a priceless exposé, which had long been advertised by BBC, could be shelved by simply ‘paying’ a $100,000 bribe is not only shocking but also indicative of naivety.

“Tiger Eye underscores its robust internal mechanisms in place, making it difficult for any individual to alter or suppress an investigation.

”Mr. Nyantakyi, by his admission, is a confessed bribe-giver, and a bribe-taker for attempting to bribe his way out of a painstaking investigation into his conduct.

“Per his confessed bribery attempt, Mr Nyantakyi has proven that the life-ban from taking part in any kind of football-related activity at national and international level for conflict of interest and bribery offences provided for by FIFA Code of Ethics (FCE) was justified.”

Tiger Eye PI also denied ever having a working relationship with one Kwame Gyan, the lawyer Nyantakyi alleged facilitated the attempted bribery between the two parties. 

The investigative firm also challenged the former CAF Vice President to produce evidence of the alleged arrangement.

”It should be noted that neither Tiger Eye P.I. nor Anas Aremeyaw Anas engaged the services of a lawyer named Kwame Gyan from the University of Ghana. 

“At all material times, including before, during, and after the production of the Number12 documentary, Tiger Eye and Anas have exclusively retained the legal representation of CromwellGray LLP, situated in Cantonments, Accra. 

“CromwellGray LLP has consistently acted as legal counsel for Anas in matters relating to litigation initiated by or against journalistic publications involving Anas.

“Tiger Eye P.I. unequivocally asserts that any purported criminal arrangement between Mr Nyantakyi and any alleged lawyer remains solely between Mr Nyantakyi and the purported recipient. 

“Tiger Eye P.I. firmly denies any involvement or knowledge of such activities. Should Mr. Nyantakyi’s claims hold substance, we challenge him to pursue legal action against Kwame Gyan, including lodging a petition with the General Legal Council, to substantiate his allegations.”


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