We can’t pay without proof of active studies– Scholarship Secretariat to Ghanaian students in Ukraine

Story: News Desk

The Scholarship Secretariat says Ghanaian medical students in Ukraine must show proof of

active studies to allow for payment of their fees.

Some students say they are facing the threat of being expelled as the government has failed to pay their fees since 2021.

But speaking to  the media the Head of International Relations for the Scholarship Secretariat, Richard Gyamfi said the students have been notified to send proof for payment. 

“We have asked the students to provide documents that can provide proof that they are students and still in education because when we compiled the list of beneficiaries, one of their own came to tell us that most of the names on the list are not in school. Some decided to go to Germany while others went to Hungary, so we said instead of making a blanket payment, they should prove to us that they are still in school because the scholarships are renewed yearly.”

The students however insisted  that the needed information had been submitted but ignored by the Secretariat.

A spokesperson for the aggrieved students said many of their letters to both the Secretariat and the Ghanaian Embassy have gone without any response.

“I have personally sent an email to him [Head of International Relations for the Scholarship Secretariat] and he replied and told me that I should never send an email to him again because he is not responsible for the students.

“I pleaded with him and told him that my situation is critical and it is true that it is not all the 25 of us that are still studying in Ukraine but those that are in a critical situation and they asked that we provide evidence that we were still studying in Ukraine, we did that but those that they have paid are only people who are politically linked.

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