UPSA investigates student misconduct in viral video

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The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) says it has set up a committee to investigate an incident of students’ misconduct captured in a viral video.

A female presumed to be a student of the institution is seen in the video whipping a younger female said to be another student.

Many social media users alleged that the victim was being punished by the ‘senior’ for spreading rumours about her.

In a press release signed by the Registrar of the University, Dr Koryoe Anim-Wright, UPSA assured that an investigation into the matter has commenced.

It added that initial findings revealed that the culprit was  suspected to be on a special non-tertiary programme, however, UPSA assured that after completion of the investigation, the culprits will face the penalties.

“An Investigation Committee has been set up by the University. Our preliminary investigation has revealed that the culprit is in a special non-tertiary programme in preparation for an external professional examination.

“Upon completion of the investigation, all responsible persons will face the full rigour of sanctions,” the release read.

The release emphasized that although the behaviour exhibited in the video was against the University’s code of conduct, it is committed to producing disciplined professionals and any student who violated the code of conduct will face disciplinary proceedings.

“The behaviour exhibited in the video goes against our Code and does a disservice to the majority of UPSA students who uphold the values of respect and professionalism for which UPSA is known.

“The University’s Code of Conduct, to which all our students subscribe, remains the document that drives student behaviour and conduct at UPSA. Students who violate the Code face disciplinary proceedings,” it added.

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