Turkey’s President Erdogan arrives in quake-hit region

Source: BBC

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has travelled to the area worst-hit by the quake, news agencies report. He is set to visit Kahramanmaras and Hatay as well as Pazarcik, the quake’s eipcentre.

Many have expressed anger at the government’s apparent lack of action, with some people claiming that help is yet to reach them.

One woman, Arzu Dedeoglu, told a BBC reporter last night in the Numune district of Iskenderun, in southern Turkey, that her two nieces were stuck under the rubble, and that no help had arrived for a day.

“We have two kids under the rubble, Aysegul and Ilayda. They are gone now, I am sure they are already gone. Why couldn’t they have come earlier?”

Another survivor in the southern city of Antakya, Melek, 64, asked: “Where are the tents, where are food trucks?”

Speaking to Reuters on Wednesday, she said: “We haven’t seen any food distribution here, unlike previous disasters in our country. We survived the earthquake, but we will die here due to hunger or cold here.”

Others on social media said there have been serious inadequacies in the government’s response, with some claiming some of the worst hit regions have been neglected.

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