Transport fares reduction: Next pricing window will determine – GPRTU 

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The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), says it will reduce fares should the prices of fuel come down in the next pricing window. 

According to the Union, should that happen, they will not hesitate to reduce transport fares. 

However, what they will not do is to rush and reduce fares and be hit with hikes in fuel prices. 

The General Secretary of GPRTU, Mr Godfred Abulbire has said. 

According to him, a lot of considera

tions would have to be looked at before reducing transport fares. 

“For now, we will not rush and reduce fares, we need to observe things before we reduce before they increase again, and we are told to increase. 

We are going to observe and by the next pricing window, if the price comes down, nobody will need to tell us to reduce fares,” he said in a media interview. 

Recently, the prices of the petroleum products have been falling and it is even expected fall further. 

According to analysts, prices will drop to ¢13 and ¢16 per litre for petrol and diesel respectively, whilst Liquefied Petroleum Gas will go for about ¢12 per kilogram.

This development is what has necessitated the demand for a reduction in transport fares. 

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