Tidal waves hit Keta; several properties destroyed

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Residents living along the coast in Keta and its adjoining communities have once again been hit with devastation caused by tidal waves.

Residents woke up on Friday morning only to be greeted by sea water in their homes, destroying already dilapidated structures after years of suffering from the tidal waves and its effects.

Some residents who spoke to the media said,  the situation had  become unbearable and called for a solution to end the crisis.

“The tidal waves have since been worrying us. Last year, we had to suffer from this phenomenon and this year, we have started experiencing the same problems. We want the authorities to take urgent steps quickly to ensure this does not affect many people.

“We are also appealing for the dredging along the coast. It has been affecting our businesses as well. Trees here have also been submerged in the sea,” a resident lamented.

Meanwhile,the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Keta, Emmanuel Gemegah has stepped forward to debunk these claims as inaccurate. Gemegah clarified the situation as reported by some major media outlets.

Rumours had circulated suggesting that Keta was facing a significant surge in tidal waves, leading to devastating consequences for the coastal community. Such reports had sparked fear and anxiety among residents, prompting local authorities to respond to the matter swiftly.

The MCE, Emmanuel Gemegah addressed the concerns head-on, asserting that even though there was minimal tidal wave activity along a part of the Abutiakope beach, aside from a couple of unauthorised structures in the buffer zone area, no other properties, human lives or livelihoods were destroyed, as at Sunday 18th February, 2024.

“Kedzikope, especially has no issues at all. Homes along the Abutiakope and Kedzikope stretch are dry and fisher folks are going about their normal activities”,he added.

Gemegah attributed the rumours to misinformation and urged the public to remain calm and refrain from spreading false news that could cause unnecessary panic.

He reassured residents that the municipal authorities were vigilant and well-prepared to handle any potential natural disasters, including tidal waves.

He highlighted the measures in place to mitigate the impact of such events and assured the public of the municipality’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.

In a statement issued on Sunday, February 18, 2024, Mr Gemegah emphasised the importance of responsible reporting, urging media outlets and individuals to verify information before disseminating the same to the public.

He stressed that spreading false news not only incited fear and panic but also undermined the efforts of local authorities to maintain peace and stability within the community.

The swift response from the Keta Municipal Assembly to dispel the rumours of a tidal wave surge demonstrates the commitment of the authorities to transparency and effective communication with the public.

The municipal assembly is working with the Ghana Hydrological Authority through the Ministry of Works and Housing to build resilience at the municipality’s beaches and mitigate the effects of coastal erosion.

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