They paid us peanuts for ‘Taxi Driver’ show – Master Richard

Actor Mikki Osei Berko, aka Master Richard in the Taxi Driver series, disclosed that he earned chump change in the famous Taxi Driver series.

Mikki Osei revealed that his paycheck from the show could not even buy him a nice shirt at that time.

“You asked what I remember about ‘Taxi Driver’? I don’t remember anything about the show. I mean to say it literally did nothing extraordinary in terms of monetary benefit. I can’t pinpoint anything tangible now that I got from the show apart from fame,” Master Richard admitted.

He disclosed that payment per episode was 350,000 old cedis (GHc35.00) and that could not even afford a shirt then. So if he wanted to buy a nice Italian shoe, back then, he needed to shoot 13 episodes before he could afford one.
The only good thing he was  thankful for  was  the fame from the show that propelled and helped him build onto where he is now.

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