The greatest political sacrifice in Ghana was done by Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen

By: Charles Kweku Hammond

As the bells are ringing and the horses are racing towards 2024 general elections, many have certainly forgotten years back in 2007; when NPP was at a cross road into a second run of presidential primaries. Excuse me to use the phrase of one of our Former president’s statement “Ghanaians have a short memory”. Else this wouldn’t have been a matter of debate as to who will take the NPP into the 2024 general elections. Below are the reasons that justify my assertions.

Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen saved NPP  resources, time, energy, unity and peace by sacrificing his presidential ambition to then candidate Akufo -Addo by calling off the second round of elections in the primaries as the marginal mark to meet the constitutional mandate of NPP was not met by either of the contestants.

Coming second in the race; the ball was in his hands to allow for a second round of elections, but he sacrificed his political ambition to candidate Akufo- Addo by accepting defeat.

Come to think of it; in 2008 general elections, the same incident repeated itself between then candidate Akufo -Addo and Late Professor Evans Atta Mills. Unlike the sacrifice Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen did internally to then candidate Akufo -Addo; Prof Evans Atta Mills (late) and the NDC asked for a second round of elections and took home victory.

In Ghana’s history of politics and more especially in the NPP, such a sacrifice has never been made. It was after Alan’s decision to call off the second round that led the then major contender candidate Akufo- Addo to single out Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen and thank him for saving him money and resources.  

Such a sacrifice made then candidate Akufo- Addo reveal to the entire gathering; a secret meeting he had with President Kuffour in 1998 after their internal contest. He said “after the primaries in 1998, president Kuffour came to my house and told me I will become president after him; Alan you will also become president after me”.

It is for this reason I strongly support the statement of Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah of Tema West Constituency “is only  hypocrites who  supported Akufo- Addo with “aduru ni su” , to wit “ it is his time”  in 2007 slogan  are now  refusing to do same for  Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen “.

What level of sacrifice is greater than looking into the faces of your supporters, the leadership of the party, the delegates and everyone and saying no to something that was going to benefit you to your opponent?

The sacrifice Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen did for the NPP is too much to be looked  down upon . I therefore appeal to all the delegates out there to remember the sacrifice that Alan did in 2007 that can never be found in our political history and reward him accordingly. Until that is done, there wouldn’t be the need for one to sacrifice for NPP anymore and you can imagine what the future of the party stands to look like.

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