Tetteh Quarshie birth place: Akufo-Addo got it wrong – GaDangme Council

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The Ga Dangme Council has raised objections to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s statement that Tetteh Quarshie hails from Mampong in the Eastern Region, insisting that historical records confirm his origin as Osu in the Greater Accra Region.

During the 67th Independence Day celebration in Koforidua on March 6, President Akufo-Addo acknowledged Tetteh Quarshie as the visionary behind the introduction of cocoa to Ghana, attributing his roots to Mampong Akuapem.

This declaration by the President, however, has been met with dissent from the Ga Dangme Council.

In a statement released by the Council’s President, Nii Ayikoi Otoo, the council refuted the President’s claim, asserting that it has caused confusion and lacks historical accuracy.

The Council highlighted historical records that unequivocally place Mr Quarshie’s birth and upbringing in Osu, contradicting the President’s identification of Mampong as his place of origin.

“Tetteh Quarshie’s roots in Osu are well-documented, with many sources confirming his ties to the community except that sometimes he is link to  Teshie. In both scenarios however he remains of a pure Ga extraction,” it added.

The Council further argued that the assertion that Mr. Quarshie hailed from Mampong lacked  concrete evidence and contradicted  the established historical narrative.

“It is crucial to correct this misinformation and set the record straight regarding the origins of Tetteh Quarshie. By spreading this inaccurate information, we risk distorting our understanding of history and undermining the legacy of individuals who have made significant contributions to our society. It is essential to rely on factual evidence and historical sources to ensure the accuracy of our narratives,” it said.

The council called for vigilance in verifying information and resisting the spread of inaccurate narratives.

“Let us honour the memory of Tetteh Quarshie by accurately acknowledging his contributions and celebrating his remarkable achievements,” it concluded.

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