…About who said what & about whom!

“Suro delegates”. Who said this?
The money is big oo! Sheik I. C. Quaye said this about what?
“Dzi wo fie asɛm” Who made this popular?
“SEC is not a debt collector”. Which Ghanaian company did Ababio SEC Deputy Director General say this to?
“I have a dead goat syndrome”. Which President said this?
“All die be die!” Which Presidential candidate said this and when!
“I can’t think far…”. Who said this?
“Yeresesamu!” Which politician popularized this campaign slogan!
“Anoma enntu a na ogyina hɔ”
Aboa bi bɛka wo na ofura wo ntoma” Which former President said this?
“Ecomini” Where did a former President say this?
“Kwaku Frimpong di asɛm bɛba oo” Who said this?
“Yɛnnkɔ Heblews”. Who owns this?
“Meyɛ Nyame na m’ama nsu atɔ? Which Head of State said this?
“Tuobodom”. Which musician made this a well-known town?
“If the fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate will expose you…”. Which Ghanaian politician said this?

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