Tanker Drivers strike: LPG Marketers Association warns of LPG  shortage

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The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Marketers Association is warning of a shortage of LPG if the expected strike of the Ghana National Petroleum Tankers Drivers Union is not averted.

It, therefore, wants the government to as a matter of urgency attend to the demands of the tanker drivers’ union.

Members of the Petroleum Tanker Drivers and LPG Drivers have resolved to embark on an industrial action today, June 26, 2023, to press home their demands for the rehabilitation of the roads in the petroleum enclave of Tema, Takoradi, Kumasi and Buipe.

They contend all attempts to get the government through the Ministry of Transport to address their issue have proven futile.

Speaking to the media,  Vice President of the LPG Marketers Association, Gabriel Kumi, said the demands by the Tanker Drivers’ Union were legitimate and should be addressed immediately.

Obviously, the impending strike by the Tanker Drivers Association which is supposed to begin today June 26, 2023, if not averted can create a very serious problem for our nation and economy. In as much as this strike is going to negatively affect our operations as LPG Marketing Companies and Oil Marketing Companies, one will also have to look at the legitimacy of their claim”.

“We truly believe that they’re making a very legitimate claim. The roads in these enclaves are very very bad and they are in deplorable situations. So we urge the government to as a matter of urgency attend to their needs so that our drivers can get back to work”, he opined.

Furthermore, Mr. Kumi warned that the bad roads in these enclaves could cause explosions that could be devastating.

“Already, the roads are so bad; I mean can you imagine if for instance an LPG tanker is involved in an accident in this enclave and there is an explosion, there’ll be a loss of lives and there’ll be a lot of properties which are going to be in danger.

“So we are urging the government to urgently attend to the needs of the drivers so that they can return to work and supply the much-needed fuel that we need to power our nation. Already, the economy is struggling so we wouldn’t want to see any shortage of fuel which in the long run negatively affect the economy”, he added.

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