Tamne Irrigation Dam Causes Havoc

Source: Hamza Mumuni

Today Newspaper can confirm that about 40 houses have submerged in the Upper East Districts of Garu, Tenpane and Pusiga as a result of the overflow of the Tamne Irrigation Dam.

The affected communities were , Gagbiri, Zambala, Bugri, Gaago, Kug-Zua, Gella-Kolog, Napaadi, Araziim, Kolsabilgu, Zulli, Kuugre among others.

Also, livestock belonging to farmers had been washed away while others were suspected to have been eaten by crocodiles.

One of the victims is Michael Abugri Anabilla who said  “it has not been good to be a farmer”.

Hundreds of cash crops, and economical trees were also destroyed. 

Major roads linking Garu, Gagbire, Bugri, Basyonde connecting to neighbouring countries like Togo have been cut off.

Access to healthcare centres and schools have been hindered meaning students would be unable to go to school in the coming days.

The Assembly member for Zamballa Electoral Area who spoke to the media  stated that the flood had wreaked havoc on maize farms.

“Our maize farms have been submerged by the flood,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, the victims are appealing to government to come to their aid.

The Tamne Irrigation Dam has eight major tributaries and confluence. It is suspected that the release of water from these sources was the primary cause of the flooding.The Tamne irrigation dam which started under former President John Dramani Mahama when completed, is expected to irrigate 3,250 acres of land and provide over 5000 indirect and direct jobs to the youth.

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