SWAG election: Kwabena Yeboah retains seat

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Members of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) have elected new leaders for the next four-year tenure. 

Out of a total of 266 eligible voters, 193 cast their ballots to elect new leaders for the association on Saturday, October 21, 2023, through E-Voting saw the election of some new faces to take up various roles in the Association as Executive Members. 

Incumbent President, Kwabena Yeboah went unopposed and therefore retained his seat as the President. 

However, Maurice Quansah could not secure his seat and was dethroned as vice president by Evelyn Nsiah Asare to become the first female Vice President of the Association. 

Madam Nsiah Asare polled 128 of total 193 representing 48.12 per cent of total votes cast to beat the incumbent Mr. Maurice Quansah who had 65 votes representing 24.44 per cent. 

Sitting General Secretary, Charles Osei Asibey also went unopposed and thus retained his seat. 

The Deputy General Secretary position which was the hot seat leading to the election was contested by Kenneth Odeng Adade and Joseph Oti-Asirifi Mensah. At the close of polls, Mr Adade had 148 out 193 representing 55.64 per cent of total votes cast while Mr Mensah managed to get 43 votes representing 16.17 per cent, making Mr Adade the newly elected Deputy General Secretary of the Association.

Owuraku Nsiah and Mavis Amanor both went unopposed as Treasurer Women’s Commissioner, a new portfolio added at the Executive Board of the Association. Mavis thus becomes the first woman to fill that position. 

Four contestants stood to be elected as Executive Committee members and by the close of polls, Tilda Elinam Accorlor led the pack with 161 votes representing 60.53 per cent followed by Augustine Ohene-Bampoe Brenya, an incumbent with 147 votes representing 55.26 per cent and Franklin Anane with 144 votes representing 54.14 per cent while Kyei Manu also polled 121 representing 45.49 per cent of votescast. 

The results above meant Tilda, Brenya and Franklin got the slots as Executive Committee members of the SWAG.

SWAG Elections Committee chairman, Mawuko Afadzinu, congratulated all members for coming out to vote and commended the aspirants for their cooperation throughout the journey and having displayed professionalism during campaign. 

President Kwabena Yeboah also added that “Honourable house, the elections are over. Per the results released by our EC, new faces have emerged on the Executive sheet.

“I personally do not think there are winners and losers here. SWAG has never and will never be about the Executives. We are in this together. Our hardworking forbears graciously handed an enviable legacy to us.

“That its bequeathal to ensure continued hard work and commitment only to the bigger picture. SWAG as a family. We swim or sink together.”

The seamless and efficient SWAG elections through E-Voting were managed by Mawuko Afadzinu, Richard Akpokavie, Madam Gloria Commodore, Mathias Tibu as Secretary and Kwabena Osei Tutu. 

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