Sudan: Thousands flee as ceasefire fails to hold


Sixth day of fighting in Sudan as ceasefire between the army and the powerful paramilitary group Rapid Support Forces (RSF) failed. This is the second ceasefire they have broken.

Thousands of residents have fled the capital, Khartoum. So have some 320 soldiers who were detained in neighbouring Chad.

“I already have 320 soldiers who are already in our territory, their military. No doubt there are civilians, so we are in the process of welcoming them and taking all the necessary measures to ensure that they are suitably accommodated,” said Chad’s Defence Minister, Bichara Issa Djadallah.

The violent clashes have already left more than 270 civilians dead and more than 2,000 injured, according to the World Health Organisation. Germany and Japan are reportedly planning the evacuation of their citizens.

The UN will meet on Thursday with the African Union, the Arab League and representatives of other organisations to discuss the situation in Sudan.

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