Sudan: Large-scale mobilisation against coup d’état in preparation

Sudanese armed forces have been deployed at vantage points in sudan ahead of planned anti-coup rallies, two days after the military formed a ruling council that excludes the country’s main civilian bloc.

Almost three weeks after the military coup, civil society and resistance committees are calling on Sudanese to take to the streets for a so-called “million march”. All this in a climate of suppression meaningful of the methods of Omar al-Bashir’s regime.

Dozens among the leaders of resistance committees mobilizing the people have been arrested. On Friday 12 November, many of them were, discreetly operating.

This mobilization is intended since all initial engagements to convince General Burhan to back down has failed.

On Thursday, he announced a new Sovereignty Council, which excluded members who demanded before the coup a rapid transfer of power to civilians. The United States and the European Union said yesterday that this announcement “complicates efforts” to “put Sudan back on the path to democratic transition”.

According to the UN, at least fourteen people were killed and some 300 injured during the protests between 25 and 30 October, due to “unnecessary and disproportionate use of force by military and security forces”, including firing live ammunition at protesters.

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