Speed up support for tidal waves victims-Group to NADMO

Story: Paloma  KENYENSO

The Anlo Youth Council  has  called  on the National Disaster Management Organization, (NADMO) to hasten its delivery of relief items to tidal waves victims in parts of the Volta Region.

The reoccurring phenomenon affected some coastal communities along the Keta-Aflao stretch of the Volta Region.

The group bemoaned that the “large scale displacement coupled with the prolonged closure of the country’s borders as part of measures to fight the COVID-19 pandemic has already created unsustainable, intolerable and inhumane living conditions.”

Therefore, it is entreating the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) “to urgently provide relief items such as food, tents, building materials for the victims”, it said.

The Anlo Youth Council added that with a receding rate of “2.2m per annum as against 0.6m by the rest of the country’s coastline” the government need to “make public its policy on coastal erosion especially at the Anlo Coast which is the most vulnerable.”

The group further called on “government and its mandated competent agencies to as a matter of urgency respond to the disaster with a coordinated strategy to prevent losing the rest of the land strip to the sea.”

The Fuveme Basic School in the Anlo District  has been destroyed by the waves, affecting the preparation of students ahead of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

Some of the students who spoke to Citi News said they are prepared for the exams, but the “devastating impact of the tidal wave may take a toll on their performance”.

The Assembly Member for Agavedzi Electoral Area added that “there is no place to relocate the people to. The banks of the lagoon would’ve been the safest, but that has also flooded as the sea rises.”

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