Reviewed domestic debt programme more investor friendly – Prof. Lord Mensah

An Economist, Prof. Lord Mensah has described the new amendments to the domestic exchange programme as being more investor friendly, compared to the earlier one announced by the government.

The Ministry of Finance has announced that individual bondholders’ who were initially not part of the domestic debt restructuring, have now been included.

The amendment seems to have been triggered by the exemption of pension funds from the debt programme which has had its expiration date extended from December 30 to January 16, 2023.

“Government says they are talking, so that is fine. All those that have their investments maturing can have a cash offer in 2023. That makes the current one a bit softer than the earlier one. This makes it friendlier to the investor community.”

“For instance, the extensions and the maturity starting from 2027 all the way to 2038 seem to be a bit softer and more flexible compared to the earlier one which seemed harsher.”

Credit: Citi fm

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