Police meet NPP, NDC over violent comments

Story: News Desk

The Police Service has engaged the two major political parties on two new security measures instituted to help maintain the peace as the country nears the 2024 general election.

A statement issued by the police on Monday said the meeting was necessitated by press statements issued by the parties and subsequently followed by petitions to the Police Service with each party calling on the Police to arrest certain individuals of their opponents for some alleged offences.

The police said they informed the political parties about the two strategic interventions introduced to handle elections and all politically related incidents.

“The first strategic intervention shared with them is the establishment of the Police Election Security Secretariat to work with all political parties and other stakeholders to enhance the management of security for all elections in the country.

“The second intervention is the setting up of a dedicated legal team to subject all politically related incidents to legal scrutiny to establish whether there are elements of crime or otherwise before any Police action is taken. The Police will, therefore, not intervene in any situation where there is no criminality involved,” parts of the document read.

With the aforementioned security measures in place, the police urged politicians to feel free to go about their political business and “allow the Police to do policing.”

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