PNC Council of Elders chair calls for calm

Story: Rueben SACKEY

Chairman of the Council of Elders of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Col. Luri Bayorbor has condemned the recent public infighting within the party following the suspension of the General Secretary, Janet Nabla.

He said there were appropriate channels to address concerns and wanted all aggrieved members to use such channels.

According to him, there were no questions as to whether or not Janet had been suspended or if the said suspension was binding on her.

“There is no disagreement, there is a little bit of confusion and misunderstanding of the procedure. There was a meeting of the NEC. NEC had a forum and they met and took a decision and the decision stands,” he told journalists in Accra on Monday, August 30, 2021.  

As a member of the council elders, Col. Bayoorbor said he would not want to disclose much but advised the aggrieved parties to resort to the laid down rules of the party.

“There are other procedures that other people involved in the problem now, they will have to make sure they use those procedures to get redress if they are not satisfied. I think that is the best procedure,” he said.

“I expect anyone who is aggrieved to approach the council of elders to see if we can help. That is the right procedure to follow, it’s a more civilized way to running the party,” he added.

 Col. Bayoorbor said  such public confrontations would  not bode well for a party that wants to attract more members to join its ranks.

“All the noise is not necessary, you cannot build a party that way, we want to attract people to join the party and all this noise all over the place doesn’t help. You’re rather driving away members,” he said.

 The People’s National Convention (PNC), suspended its General Secretary, Janet Nabla after a decision at an emergency National Executive Council (NEC) meeting held at the GNAT Hall on Saturday, August 28, 2021.

But Janet in media interviews said she remained  at the post as the General Secretary of the party.

She argued  among other things that the NEC which was  purported to have taken a decision to suspend her did not form a quorum required by the party’s governing rule and regulations.

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