Pensioner Bondholders to resume picketing on June 1

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The Pensioner Bondholders have indicated their readiness to resume picketing on Thursday, June 1, following government’s failure to pay their outstanding coupons.

The Pensioner Bondholders Forum suspended picketing on Monday, May 15, 2023, after its members reached an agreement with the Ministry of Finance to initiate their payments.

A statement signed by Dr. Adu A. Antwi, Convener of the forum, said, “On 22nd May 2023, having realised that the Ministry had failed to pay two (2) of the outstanding coupons it had promised to pay (i.e. coupons due on 15th May 2023), we wrote to request the Ministry to ensure the immediate payment of the two (2) outstanding coupons and another coupon that had become due on 22nd May 2023. We also, once again, requested the Ministry to start immediate engagement with us and reach an agreement with us on the payment of all outstanding principals.

“Consequently, we have informed the police that we shall resume our picketing on Thursday 1st June 2023. On resumption, we shall picket on Thursdays and Fridays of every week until the Ministry returns the payment of due coupons and principals to normalcy, that is pay on due dates without any delays”.

The group lamented that government has refused to engage them after several letters written to the Ministry.

“Sadly, the Ministry failed/refused to give us a response, and also engage us as requested,” the Pensioner Bondholders Forum bemoaned in its statement.

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