Pensioner Bondholders Forum to resume picketing at Finance Ministry today

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Members of the Pensioner Bondholders Forum will today resume picketing at the Finance Ministry following the failure of the government to pay their matured coupons and principals.

Three weeks ago, the pensioners held a similar protest demanding the payment of coupons and principals.

According to the group, the Finance Ministry is yet to pay matured coupons on their May 15th and subsequent maturities.

Members of the Forum suspended the picketing on May 12 after it had a meeting with the Finance Ministry to have all outstanding coupons paid.

However, after weeks of waiting to engage with the Finance Ministry to draw a payment roadmap, the Pensioner Bondholders say nothing has been heard.

Members of the Forum on Wednesday, May 24 warned that they will not listen to any more promises should they resume picketing after the government reneged on several promises made to pay all outstanding matured coupons.

The decision to resume the picketing comes after the government failed to respond to letters written   to the Finance Ministry demanding tangible payment timelines.

“I don’t understand why people in authority behave that way. When you are in authority and people write you a letter, at least just respond, tell them, I have received your letter, and we are working on it because if somebody wastes his time to write you, and you don’t respond, then you ask yourself, is it that you think you are not supposed to respond, or you are too busy to respond, or you think that this is not necessary,” Convenor for the Forum, Dr. Adu Anane Antwi lamented in  an interview with the media.

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