Oxygen shortage hits Tamale Teaching Hospital 

Story: News Desk 

The Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH), a major referral hospital for five regions in northern Ghana, is experiencing a disruption in its oxygen supply due to a technical challenge.

The hospital’s oxygen plant shut down on Monday, July 1, 2024, after suffering damage to its engine, limiting the facility’s oxygen supply.

According to Public Relations Officer, Mr. Zuberu Alidu, a team of technical experts is working to resolve the issue, but no timeline has been provided for its resolution.

However, Mr. Alidu had  assured the public that the situation was  under control and there  was  no cause for alarm.

He said, “One of the components, a very important component of the oxygen plant got burnt and because of that the plant is not able to produce and supply.  What we are doing now is to liaise with suppliers mostly in Kumasi because our suppliers within the Northern region, we are told that they aren’t able to give us oxygen.”

“For now, we have what we need. Besides this, we are also in touch with the facilities referring to us, especially with Ghana Health Service such that the referral that will come, we’ll have what it takes to receive them.”

A medical doctor, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed to  the media that the hospital had  made available some concentrators, which were  helping to mitigate the shortage of oxygen. The staff were hopeful the issue will be resolved with the urgency it deserves.

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