OWASS  dismisses mass de-boardinization claim

Story: Nana Peprah 

Authorities at Opoku Ware SHS have dispelled rumours of de-boardinising over 1000 students, asserting that disciplinary actions are only being taken against students who violated school regulations by leaving for the Easter break without permission.

Reverend Stephen Sekyere Owusu, the Headmaster of Opoku Ware School, reiterated the institution’s firm stance against any form of indiscipline among its students.

He clarified that the disciplinary measures were  specifically targeted at those who breached school rules, rather than being a widespread punishment.

Rev. Owusu emphasized that students who violated school regulations were instructed to stay home while the Disciplinary Committee deliberated on appropriate actions.

He further stated that the school administration had  arranged a meeting with the parents of the affected students to address the disciplinary matter comprehensively.

“It is not true that we have deboardinise 1,200 or 6000 [students], it’s not true. The school was supposed to vacate on Wednesday last week, but some students chose to give themselves a break on Tuesday, so a roll call was conducted and when they came, we asked them to appear before the Disciplinary Committee (DC) and before the DC’s report comes, we want them to remain at home and come to school.

“So this morning we decided, because some of them are from Accra and other places, the management has decided to bring them back to school and we are going to meet with the parents tomorrow. And make sure that together with the parents, our students will not repeat this kind of action because it’s not right. We cannot entertain indiscipline in Opoku Ware school. We’ll not allow students to destroy the rules and regulations of GES for us”.

Rev. Owusu urged parents to cooperate with the school in instilling discipline in their wards and emphasized the importance of upholding school rules.

“We want parents to help us train these boys not to support them to break school rules. If they do, they shouldn’t think that they can go to media houses for the school rules to be thrown away.”

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