Our youth deserve better

SINCE the International Youth Day was initiated by the United Nations in 2000, the day has been marked annually to draw attention to issues that impact on the well-being of the youth and recognise the efforts of the youth towards the progress of humanity.

IT is a day to recognise and celebrate the promise and power of young people to change their communities, their countries and the world at large.

THE  youth are the backbone of every nation. They can change the future of society with their well-being and courageous behaviour. That is why many countries have devoted a lot of resources to ensure the welfare and development of the youth.

BUT for a long time, society does not appear to pay attention to this group of people who hold the key to the future prosperity of the country. Consequently, the current state of the youth does not present a good sign for the future.

MANY  things have accounted for the current state of the youth of our country. As a nation, we do not appear to have a consistent national youth policy which will inculcate in the youth a sense of patriotism and a hunger to die for the nation. There is little effort at ensuring that the youth are given the best attention before they take up leadership roles in the country. 

IN  the days after independence, many youth leadership training centres were established under Ghana’s Founder and first President, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, but almost all of them became malfunctional after the overthrow of the First Republic. 

MANY  of our youth still lack formal education, and the educational system has itself created an elitist society because more emphasis has been laid on the Arts, to the disadvantage of science, technical and vocational education, creating a large army of unskilled labour, with its concomitant rise in unemployment in the country.

THIS  is because over the years  many young people have identified themselves with courses such as law, accounting, banking and politics as the key to good life and recognition by society.

IT is for these reasons that, we  call on the government to provide the necessary environment and facilities, in line with global trends, for more youth to take advantage of science education, and technical and vocational training. 

THE  increasing number of university graduates who become unemployed each year is a reminder that there is the need for the youth to explore other avenues.

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