One dies from Garu military brutalities

Story: News Desk 

In the wake of recent military aggressions in Garu and Tempane in the Upper East Region, one of the victims has tragically passed away.

Following the incident, eight of the residents, who were detained and transported to Accra, have now been released, though some remain in critical condition.

The brutal military actions, which occurred on Sunday, October 29, 2023, allegedly stemmed from a retaliatory attack on National Security personnel by a local vigilante group in Garu.

Addressing the media, Albert Alalzuulga, the Member of Parliament for Garu, expressed deep dismay at the military’s actions, describing them as unacceptable.

He lamented the loss of life and urged the government to take appropriate measures, including compensation for the victims.

Mr Alalzuulga also emphasised the need for accountability, stating that citizens’ taxes fund the military’s resources.

“It is sad to announce to you that one of the military brutality victims in Garu has died. It is a very sad development. The youth and everybody in the area are so saddened. We are so disappointed in the military and their actions. And we are disappointed in the government as well. What happened in Garu is most barbaric; it is most unfortunate. The residents who were arrested earlier were released on Friday. While some are home safely, others had to be taken to medical facilities due to their conditions.”

“We are already calling on the government to compensate the victims, and if possible, we may have to take legal action. I don’t think that the treatment of the people of Garu was fair. I think the government needs to address this. The military is taking Ghanaians for granted. It is our tax that has bought the uniforms they are wearing. It is our tax that has bought the vehicles and guns.”

Meanwhile, National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah is slated to appear before Parliament on Thursday, November 9 to provide an update on the situation.

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