NSMQ 2023: PRESEC Legon clinches 2nd  successful victory  

Story: Ruben Sackey

For only the second time ever, there has been a successful title defence of the NSMQ trophy. 

It is PRESEC Legon again. After setting the record in 2006, they have extended the tally to two after lifting a record eighth title on Monday. 

Only PRESEC Legon holds the record. 

PRESEC Legon’s city rivals Achimota School and Opoku Ware School from Kumasi were hoping to upset the giants and lift a respective third title each but their efforts were not enough. 

But their 2023 journey itself wasn’t as smooth as Presec’s chants made  it seem.

The Legon-based giants only but survived their quarterfinal clash and were nearly upset by Accra Academy who produced a spirited performance to the admiration of fans of the competition. 

The final itself was an uphill task.

In the first round, where contestants tackled fundamental questions, PRESEC emerged as frontrunners, with a commanding 18 points, while OWASS and Achimota School followed with 11 and 09 points respectively.

The intensity continued into the second round, where Achimota and OWASS valiantly battled, accumulating 14 and 12 points, respectively. Yet, despite their fierce efforts, PRESEC maintained their lead with an impressive 23 points.

Achimota School chose this intermission to pray massively for their contestants, however, luck was still not on their side in the subsequent rounds.

The third round, featuring the “problem of the day” witnessed PRESEC earning four points, with their opponents, Achimota and OWASS, securing three and two points each, in a testament to their unwavering determination.

Achimota School gave PRESEC a run for their money when they closed in on them in round four, the true or false section. PRESEC may have finished the round with a lead of 21 but Achimota School moved from 15 points in round three to 28 points in round four. OWASS had 20 points.

The final round, where contestants tackle the riddles, was the decider, PRESEC needed to answer more to take their eighth trophy or risk seeing Achimota lift the trophy.

PRESEC had an easier time in the last round where they answered most riddles to secure their win. Answering three riddles took PRESEC from 31 points to 40. Achimota School and Opoku Ware lost with 28 and 23 points respectively.

Presec came prepared to silence critics who hoped to troll the top dog.  

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