*Against  issuance of unlawful permits to tricycle owners

Story: News DESK

National  Road Safety Authority (NRSA) has exercised its enforcement mandate and directed six Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies (MMDAs) to cease any acts or omissions that directly or indirectly permit the unlawful use of tricycles for fare-paying passenger services.

The Authority had threatened it would not hesitate to seek an enforcement order if they failed to carry out the required remedy within a month of the directive.

According to the Authority, Regulation 128 of the Road Traffic Regulations, 2012 (L.I.2180) prohibits the use of tricycles for fare-paying passengers. Despite the unambiguous position of Regulation 128, there is evidence to confirm that the MMDAs herein are acting contrary to the law by permitting the use of tricycles for fare-paying passenger services by issuing stickers at a fee or approving terminals for the purpose

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