NPP’s chief scribe confident new ministers will deliver 

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The General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Justin Kodua Frimpong, has refuted claims that the reshuffle will not make any significant impact since the country is barely a few months into the general elections.

Some stakeholders have criticized President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for making changes in his government at a late hour.

Speaking to the media  , the NPP General Secretary insisted that the appointees were competent and could  deliver on their mandate despite the limited time.

“I totally disagree; a player who can score a goal in a match doesn’t need 90 minutes to do so. Sometimes coming at injury time, they will give you victory. We must understand that politics and governance are totally different from private administration or private governance.

h“Whereby one can simply say that a person may decide to have a sour relationship with the staff, subordinates, and stakeholders that she works with, So far as he gives results, that is it. That is totally different from politics. Politics has to do with key stakeholders, political parties, civil society, and parliament. It’s not just about results. I’m happy that after the list was released, nobody has been able to say that these people are incompetent and cannot do the job.”

He stressed, “on the issue of 9/10 months, a political circle is a long period for someone to make a positive impact in the ministry that he or she finds himself or herself. Looking at the calibre of people who have been appointed, very young and youthful people who are eager to achieve something for themselves and the government.

“They are highly motivated. Some of them are MPs; they know very well that if they excel in their portfolio and based on their hard work. If the party wins elections on December 7, there’s a high possibility that they will be maintained in their ministries or moved to another ministry.”

Kodua expressed satisfaction with the President’s latest reshuffle, emphasizing the importance of the reshuffle to the development of the nation.

“I’m overly excited, and that is the feeling within the rank and file of our party. And we will applaud the president. For not just doing a reshuffle but for making very radical changes in his government. It is something that we believe that the people coming in are going to work assiduously and give us the needed results come December 7. So we are excited as a party,” he remarked.

Kodua Frimpong in his address at the party’s annual Thanksgiving service held at the party headquarters in December called on the President to reshuffle his ministers.

He asserted that the appointment of new faces was essential to propel the NPP towards achieving its objectives.

Expressing concern about the conduct of certain appointees whose actions are affecting the party’s popularity, Kodua stated, “If you are tired, resign and leave, so the party can retain power.”

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