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Professor Ken Attafuah, the Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority (NIA), says he is undeterred by the numerous challenges and enduring insults from critics.

In an interview with the media on Friday, June 30,  2021, Prof. Attafuah said, he remained  focused and unwavering in his dedication to his work and carries no regrets.

Prof. Attafuah said insults did not affect him adding that they were merely distractions from the important task at hand.

Prof Attafuah’s tenure at the NIA has been marked by significant achievements and transformative changes. Under his leadership, the authority has successfully implemented a nationwide biometric identification system, enabling millions of citizens to obtain their national identity cards.

This initiative has not only streamlined administrative processes but also enhanced national security and facilitated access to essential services for all citizens.

However, such transformative endeavours have not come without their fair share of challenges and opposition. Prof. Attafuah has faced criticism from various quarters, with some questioning the effectiveness and efficiency of the national identification system. Despite the barrage of insults and negative comments directed at him, Prof. Attafuah stated that he has chosen to remain focused and undeterred.

“I am focused on doing the right thing, the best way possible, everything that I do, I do it to the best of my ability. So I am convinced that no other person could have done it better and if anybody can do it better, it will only be to a notch higher.

“What we have done at NIA, it far supersedes the understanding of those who were talking. Somebody said they could have done this for 50 million cedis but they had no clue what a national identification is about…those insulting me, first of all, I try not to listen to insults. Anybody insulting me has no clue who I am.

Prof Attafuah emphasized the importance of focusing on the bigger picture, saying that Criticism would  always exist but what truly matters is the positive impact he is focused on creating.

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