New BoG Complex: Mahama Ayariga drags Addison, others to OSP

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Bawku Central MP, Mahama Ayariga, has formally petitioned the Office of the Special Prosecutor to investigate suspected corruption in the procurement process of the new Bank of Ghana (BoG)  headquarters in Accra.

Mr Ayariga alleged  the involvement of the Bank’s Governor, the Deputy Governors, the Board of Directors, and the project contractor, Goldkey Properties Ltd in the suspected corruption activities.

Mr. Ayariga also questioned the substantial increase in project cost from USD 121,807,517.94 to USD 222,799,760.55, despite a relatively smaller increase in the scope of work.

He emphasized that the Office of the Special Prosecutor has the authority to investigate such cases of suspected corruption, and he hopes for transparency in the utilization of public funds.

“I hereby make a formal complaint to your office to investigate what I believe to be a case of corruption in the procurement of the new headquarters building of the Bank of Ghana at Ridge in Accra. The suspects in this case include the Governor Dr Ernest Addison and Deputy Governors of the Bank of Ghana, namely: (1) Dr Ernest Addisson 1st Deputy Governor, Dr Maxwell Opoku Afari, 2nd Deputy Governor, Mrs Elsie Addo Awadzi.”

“The Members of the Board of Directors should also be investigated. The other suspect is the Chief Executive Officer of Messrs. Goldkey Properties Ltd who is the contractor. The project consultants supervising the work should also be investigated.”

In his view, the OSP has the power to investigate the matter and ensure that state funds are not misused for the benefit of a “selected few.”

“When the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Members of Parliament (MP) led a public demonstration to demand the accountability of the Governor and his Deputy Governors, the Governor called the MPs all sorts of names and asked them to use institutional mechanisms to hold him accountable. I believe the Office of Special Prosecutor has jurisdiction to investigate all cases of suspected “corruption and corruption-related offences” by public officers and private persons working with public officials under sections 2(a) and 79 of The Office of Special Prosecutor Act, 2017 (Act 959).”

The NDC MPs added that per the losses the bank incurred in 2022, it was not prudent for the construction of the new head office and the project must thus be aborted.

They have also accused the Governor of resorting to money printing to fund the project.

Despite calls for his resignation, Dr. Ernest Addison remains committed to his position.

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