Story: Atta Kwaku Boadi 

Chairman of Groupe Nduom, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom  believes that the old adage, “ justice delayed is justice denied played a key role in the determination of the  case involving GN Savings and Loans Company and Bank of Ghana (BoG) over the revocation of the former’s licence.

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“The Human Rights Division of the High Court in Accra presided over by Appeal Court Judge Gifty Agyei-Addo, today, January 24, 2024, has made a ruling that points to the fact that the old adage, “Justice delayed  is justice denied” still prevails in Ghana”, Dr Nduom posted on his Facebook Wall. 

  It has taken more than four years for the lawsuit filed by Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom and others at the Human Rights Division against the Bank of Ghana (BoG), the Attorney General and the GN Savings and Loans (in  Receivership)  to come to an unbelievable conclusion.  

“This is what the Americans call lawfare. In Ghana, we could call it fratricide. Citizens killing citizens.  In our opinion, our law courts have been used to delay Justice AGAIN. But it is justice delayed not denied. How can a court rule that a bank is insolvent when the government that controls the bank’s regulator refuses to pay the money it owes that bank and related companies? It sets an ugly precedent and gives this and future governments free reign to pick favorites and destroy “political enemies” by simply refusing to pay debts it does not like.  All to the detriment of the nation.  Everyone can see that a fast growing indigenous company was closed primarily to erase political and economic competition. We will appeal and prevail”, he said. 

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