*Starts a  new Podcast, “Fresh Matters”


President  & Chairman of Groupe Nduom, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom  has broken  his silence to begin a podcast, called “Fresh Matters” with weekly episodes. 

The podcast, Today gathered will focus on social and cultural topics of interest to people of African origin particularly throughout the world.  Also  from time to time, Dr. Nduom will focus on topics specifically related to the Ghanaian experience.

His (Dr Nduom’s)  first episode which is published and available talks about his journey to become an elected Assembly Member in 1997 for the Akotobinsin Electoral Area  in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem (KEEA)  Assembly.

Speaking with Today in an interview, the renowned business man said  that it  was this experience that had  shaped his unshaken commitment for the election of all assembly members and the municipal, district and metropolitan chief executives in Ghana. 

His  second episode  dealt  with the topic, “Who is the owner, really?” Dr Nduom  in the second episode addressed  his own personal business and professional service experiences. 

He  used  some examples to demonstrate the fact that Africans and people of color were  not expected to be ethical, professional, own significant business interests even in Africa itself.

The third episode was  on the topic, “Why Don’t We Support Our Own?”

  The business magnate  discussed  the failure of people of African descent all over the world to patronize and support the goods and services of their brothers and sisters.

 He linked  this problem to the challenge of poverty that exists wherever you find people of African descent.

Dr. Nduom first went to the USA in 1970 and has a wealth of experiences navigating the world of professional service providers and entrepreneurship that he wants to share.  He considers himself an African citizen, a pan Africanist with Marcus Garvey and Kwame Nkrumah as role models.  But he believes that what Africans need are business people who can demonstrate the ability to go across geographic boundaries in Africa and beyond and establish profitable business enterprises to create jobs across the continent.  This way, he believes, political considerations or disasters in one country will not be able collapse the African dream and investments of the shareholders.

Dr. Nduom also believes that Africans must be supported by governments in their countries of origin to penetrate the global markets, particularly the British and American markets where language and legal customs should not be obstacles.

Dr. Nduom is also passionate about the need for people of African descent to patronize businesses established by their own brothers and sisters.

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