Nduom @70: Celebrating an extraordinary man of extraordinary value and deeds

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom is 70 years today, February 15th, 2023. Many of his close associate are passionate about the sanctity of the occasion. This is a day that defines the life’s history of this extra-ordinary man of extraordinary values and deeds.

7O years has a trace in history; and it’s for a good reason. Ancient Monarchs considered 70years as a significant milestone worth celebrating in the life of their royal household. But the relevance of the occasion which ancient monarchs christened—Platinum Celebration is not lost on our contemporary setting.

It’s a year in one’s life where we celebrate the elegance and the grace that is exemplified by years of experience over the course of one’s 70 years of life. In the case of Dr. Nduom, we believe it’s a fulfilled life and we thank God for gifting him, his family and the larger society, this 70th birthday. Again, we know it’s a reward for being an obedient servant to his Creator.  

Now we celebrate you—Dr. Nduom; and your values. With all of your iconic global stature, you refused to be swayed by the trappings of this world. You’ve stayed committed and diligently to your God through your Catholic faith. The highest form of your dedication to God is when you built a church in your hometown in honour of God. That’s a way of living the first of your four pillars, that underpin your life’s journey.

The second of such is your avowed commitment to family values. It’s a value that you do not only hold in high esteem; but also shares with your family members, workers, close associates and many others. We thank you for showing us the importance and blessing in stayed with one woman, in this case your wife, Mrs. Yvonne Nduom, through thick and thin. We thank God for blessing your union with four highly intelligent children whose contributions in their various fields of expertise are being celebrated by the world, well beyond the shores of their father land.

Dr. Nduom, you believed in the project Ghana. That’s why you were not a fulfilled man with all the American dream and therefore decided to return to Ghana to play a part in the Ghanaian project. You never wavered, despite the deliberate odds of frustrations. You kept your cool and created multiple companies that gave jobs directly and indirectly to thousands of Ghanaians. Despite attempts to kill this dream, you still remain focused in the conviction that your struggles and pains would not be in vain.

It’s only time that will vindicate your innocence in the blatant wickedness that is being waged by the political system against you. You’re one of the very few that believe that public life should not be pursued on partisan lines. It’s your long held view that such partisanship often deprives the country of the best expertise and brains.

So, you defied that held view and worked with an administration which parent political party, you were not a member. Today, many within that tradition are still reminiscing your wonderful works in the administration of former President Kufuor. Even your adversaries admit of your genius in their closest even if they wouldn’t admit it in the open.

Happy and a prosperous 70 years, Dr. Nduom.

May God continue to bless you and your family.   

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2 thoughts on “<strong>Nduom @70: Celebrating an extraordinary man of extraordinary value and deeds</strong>”

  1. GN Bank depositor says:

    Happy birthday Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom !

    I would appreciate my locked-up funds.

  2. Mawuli says:

    Happy 70th birthday to my Role Model.
    1. Humble Politician
    2. Job Creator
    3. Great Communicator
    4. Astute political Debater
    5. First to initiate constitutional amendment
    6. Incorruptible Leader
    7. Compassionate
    8. God-fearing Person
    9. Initiator of election of MMDCEs.
    10. Advocate for genuine separation of powers between the Executive and the Legislature
    11. Advocate for the separation of the Attorney General from the Ministry of Justice
    12. A Cornerstone in Ghanaian politics unfortunately rejected for no reason

    How can I meet him for a photograph?

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