NDC primaries: Duffour calls for postponement exercise

Story: News Desk

A flagbearer hopeful of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr Kwabena Duffuor has asked the party to postpone its upcoming presidential and parliamentary primaries scheduled for Saturday, May 13. 

His call, he said, follows some discrepancies his team has identified in the party’s voters register to be used for the exercise. 

According to him, the voters register as given to him is incomplete and inaccurate and thus cannot be used for the primaries.

In a letter to the General Secretary of the party on Monday, May 8, Dr Duffuor said the postponement will help address the issues he has raised. 

“Upon review of the 220 constituencies voters register (photo album) we identified several discrepancies in the register that indicate it is both incomplete and inaccurate. 

“Having an incomplete and inaccurate register is a significant issue when going into election because it undermines the credibility and fairness of the election process,” excerpts of that letter stated. 

Dr Duffuor had earlier complained about not having received the party’s voters register a few days to the primaries.  However, after making his grievances known to the party, the voters register wasgiven to him. He however points out that there are issues with the register as submitted to him. 

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