Nana Ama McBrown breaks silence on divorce rumours

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Ghanaian actress and television personality, Nana Ama McBrown, has refuted claims that her marriage to Maxwell Mensah has hit the rocks.

The rumours of the supposed divorce went viral a few days ago with some speculating that McBrown’s husband had gone in for another woman, a situation which had allegedly taken the actress away from her matrimonial home.

However, responding to the claims on on Hitz FM,  which was monitored by Today, she said, they were  fine and that there was  no cause for alarm.

“I am happy at home, we are happy. We are very happy, extremely happy. It’s just like life [which comes with] ups and downs. So it’s not what they are saying. I am not here to respond but I just feel like me and my husband we are cool, we are fine. So there is no need talking too much about it,” she said.

Asked how she handles the pressure on social media, she replied that she “is so resilient and wouldn’t succumb to pressure from anyone”.

“I don’t have any pressure. You don’t know me. I buy my own food. I came here in my own car. It’s my own car, I bought it myself. I fuel it myself. I live in my own house. I live in a house I built with my husband, we are fine. So if you live in a rented house and you talk about me, I won’t be worried about your pressure,” she intimated.

Nana Ama reiterated that she understands that because she is a public figure it is not out of place for people to talk about her. However, she has the power to decide who and what to pay heed to on social media. 

She also added that she would not let people’s opinions break her down because she is a fulfilled woman and has everything she needs to live a comfortable life. 

Nana Ama McBrown got married to Maxwell Mensah about 12 years ago and together, they have a daughter called Maxine. 

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