Mozambicans sell food donations to build houses

Some survivors of jihadist attacks in Mozambique are selling some of the donations they get including food to raise money to build houses.

The displaced people in Marokani settlement in the northern Cabo Delgado province have complained of not receiving enough support to construct houses.

Most of the people there are living in makeshift tents covered in tarpaulins that are distributed by the government and humanitarian organisations.

Only 55 of the about 950 families in Marokani are living in improved houses that they have built on their own, only getting roofing material from the government, according to media reports.

“Since I arrived in Marokani, I have never received support in construction material, nor zinc, rafters and sticks, I have not received anything but a tarpaulin, where I live with my three granddaughters. Who will help an old woman like me?” complained Latifa Sumail, an 80-year-old widow.

Adamo Anlaui, a 65-year-old displaced who fled Ulo village in Mocímboa da Praia district with his wife, children and grandchildren said:

“I am old and cannot cut and transport sticks and bamboo, much less build; I had to divert part of the donation I receive to build my house.”

The lack of proper cover for some of the completed houses is worrying the displaced people, who are anticipating problems in the coming rainy season.

Even some of the few families who have benefited from building material donations are facing difficulties as they have no money to pay for labour.

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