Mothers unhappy with conditions at Eastern Regional Hospital

Story: Kwaku FRIMPONG

A Paediatrician at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, NICU, of the Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua, Dr. Francis Mensa Akwetey, has disclosed that increase in Preterm baby deliveries has put a lot of pressure on staff and facilities at the Unit.

In an interview with the media  he said, the Unit with a bed capacity of 30, sometimes accommodates about 50 babies who are usually paired due to the unavailability of beds. Dr. Akwetey said there are a lot more concerns with the Unit.

“I call on the government and other benevolent organizations to come to our aid,’’ he stated.

Dr. Akwetey mentioned low birth-rate, malaria, pregnancy induced hypertension and gestational diabetes, as some of the causes of Prematurity.

Another Paediatrician at the Unit, Dr. Diana Apanga, allayed the fears of patients, saying the Unit had trained and qualified staff to cater for mothers and babies with such conditions when the need arises.

A Mother at the Mothers’ Hostel of the Unit, Elizabeth Ansah complained about the poor conditions at the hostel.

‘’The nurses are good, the way they take care of us, the nurses are good, but we have some challenges. The challenges are that of the mothers, we do not have the right facilities. Places for mothers to sleep. We need the place expanded, for example I had CS I cannot sit all day. You can be sick by the time you go home and your baby too, that is not fine’’, according to a mother at the Eastern Regional Hospital, Koforidua, Elizabeth Ansah.

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